NEW HUMBUCKER: The SWEET'57 is a new humbucker we are releasing this summer. Our TT-'59 was always designed to be a late '50s PAF inspired humbucker. When reading and listening to people recount stories of Les Pauls and pickups from the late '50s, a common trait shared is "this set of PAFs have a hotter output" or "this other set is not as hot". The TT-'59 was meant to sound like the former, more turns of wire on the bobbins, magnets with a bit more of charge.

Contrast is one way to highlight character. And the SWEET'57 is that contrast. As the name implies it’s a lower output, sweeter sounding humbucker set, compared to the TT-‘59. Its construction is still vintage humbucker: long-legged baseplate, CAB bobbins, P.E. wire, sand cast magnets, low carbon steel parts. But with a few tweaks, the result is a sweeter, lower output, cleaner humbucker set.

STRANGE COMPANY: Customer requests are sometimes imaginative and interesting ideas. Sometimes they’re something we’ve never though of. Non-standard and unusual combinations of pickups has been a recent and recurring request. STRANGE COMPANY is the collection of unlikely fantastic pickup combinations, and offering them as matched sets.

The first such offering is HST: Humbucker, Strat, Tele. It features a SWEET'57 bridge, ‘57-EJ middle, and a '52-TSC neck. The result is a contrast to the usual HSS offering: articulate neck with the woody treble and attack of a Tele, Strat chime and bell tone of position 4, Tele neck/bridge or Strat middle position, lots of quack in position 2, a dynamic and vintage voiced humbucker in the bridge. We have more of these fantastic and unusual combinations. Look for a new page where we’ll be collecting this STRANGE COMPANY.

WHAT'S NEXT: Deciding what to do next is a common and recurring question. What are the problems to solve? What's been inspiring? What's worth doing? Problems and the search for solutions are often the source of new and hopefully good ideas. Inspiration is the moment that often precedes the realization that an idea might be a really, really good one. And we’ve got a couple good ones we’re working on this year

- Lee