Our TGT-11 Strat single coils are a remedy to stereotypical single coil sound - scooped, low output, polite - with unusual beginnings. Now, don't get me wrong, we love vintage single coils! But, we also love loud guitars and a rockin' band!

INSTAGRAM: WHERE IT STARTED - We were contacted by a player from Sweden in 2016 about our '62-SC  Strat single coils - our only set at the time. His interest was peaked, because the sound of our '62-SCs reminded him of an original '62 Fender Strat he had once played. We hooked him up with a set, which he then demoed on Instagram with a short, dimly lit video.

FAST FORWARD: 2017 - SoCal blues rock play Kenny Shipman contacted us after watching "that short video" of our '62-SCs posted on Instagram the previous year. He really liked what he heard and wounder if we could wind some high output versions of that pickup. We talked extensively about amps, playing styles, tone woods, and even guitar picks. The result were several different prototype sets, resulting in our Deep Blues single coils. But during winding, we had an idea to try something a little different with one set, straying from our earlier design discussions. The TGT-11 was born!

LATE '60s? JIMMY HENDRIX? - We didn't start out to design a late '60s, Hendrix Style set of single coils. When Kenny installed a set - at this point unnamed - we sent him in a Hendrix Strat, he loved the sound. He said they had a "great late '60s sound with more punch and dynamics". Now, TGT-11s don't have the same design cues that are seen on '69 style sets. But that's fine by us! We love the sound of staggered magnets and Formvar wire. So that's why we market TGT-11s with more of a nod the late '60s. They were a happy accident, developed through an almost "6 Degrees Of Instagram" kind of process. But we are so thankful for that accident, and love their sound (totally biased)!

- Lee