The Magneto Design Lab 2-5-SC. Mixed Magnet Strat Singles Coils.

Smooth yet dynamic is best way to describe the 2-5-SC. Each bobbin uses two different magnets, Alnico 2 for the un-wound strings & Alnico 5 for the wound strings. The result is smooth tone and slightly lower output for the un-wound strings, and a snappy tone and slightly higher output for the wound strings. Clear and balanced in a matched set, they are even better when paired with our Strat Wiring Harness or Treble Bleed Serial Circuit. Or expand your tonal possibilities and mix them with a '57-EJ, FBH-’63 or Mini-'58 in an HSS set. From articulate Jazz cleans, to Country & Rock leads, the 2-5-SC is a balanced and versitile single coil.

The Sound: Smooth & Balanced · Articulate · Bell-Like & Dynamic · Smooth Cleans To Overdrive · Balanced Across Strings · Hear Them Now

The Materials: Red-Bottom Fiberboard Flatwork · 42 AWG Heavy Formvar Wire · Vintage Stagger A2 & A5 Magnets · Waxed Cotton Push Back Wire · Approx. 6.5K

The Construction: Custom Wind · Lacquer-Dipped & Hand Wound Bobbins · RWRP Middle Pickup · Un-Aged · Flash Potted · Custom Wind Direction & Magnet Polarity Available · Modern "Flat & Vintage "Compensated" Stagger Available · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC

2-5-SC · Mixed Mag Single Coil
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