The Magneto Design Lab '62-SC. Early '60s Inspired Strat Singles Coils.

From Surf to Pop, Blues to Rock, the Magneto Design Lab '62-SC covers a lot of ground. Dynamic, aggressive yet clean, the '62-SC serves up classic single coil sounds. Each '62-SC is specifically voiced to enhance the character of it's position. But the bridge pickup comes in two flavors: "Surf" or "Twang". Both versions deliver cleans to drive tones beautifully. But "Twang" does it with some extra kick and grunt, pushing your drive even more. Great when paired with our Strat Wiring Harness or Treble Bleed Serial Circuit. Or expand your tonal possiblities even more and mix them with a P90-SC, TGT-ll, or TT-’59 in an HSS set.

The Sound: Loud · Articulate · Fat & Clear · Open & Dynamic · From Clean To Drive · Balanced In All Positions · Hear Them Now · See Them In Action

The Materials: Vulcanized Fiberboard Flatwork · 42 AWG Heavy Formvar Wire · Vintage Stagger A3 Magnets · Waxed Cotton Push Back Wire · Approx. 6.2K

The Construction: 62 Wind Spec · Lacquer-Dipped & Hand Wound Bobbins · RWRP Middle Pickup Available · Careful Aging Available · Flash Potted · Custom Wind Direction & Magnet Polarity Available · Vintage "Compensated" Stagger Available · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC · For A Closer Look...

'62-SC · Early '60s Inspired Single Coil
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Strat Covers · Celluloid Inserts
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Those pickups are crazy good!
— @distinctiveguitar
I am really loving the strat pickups you installed in my guitar! The tones I get are unreal, and are truly vintage.
— Tristan