One of our P90-Soapbars & Mike Holstein (@likethecow) is bringing the funky-smooth jazz with Tapefactor Live. P-90s are so versatile! More info at

“Thanks so much!.. this thing is a win. It’s full and warm, and very minimal noise or buzzing, even in places where my other single coils go crazy. Thanks for being a part of this build. ”

— Mike

A smokin’ blues demo of the Magneto Design Lab Deep Blues Single Coils/SWEET'57 Humbucker HSS Demo from our friend @BuddyBlues. A Blues Rock Inspired Strat Single Coil & F-Spaced Humbucker.

“These pickups are absolutely out of this world. @mdlpickups Please check them out.” "The tone is incredible. “

- Buddy Blues

And for more of Buddy’s music, his band, and where he’s playing next, check out his website

A clean demo of the Magneto Design Lab Deep Blues Single Coils/SWEET'57 Humbucker HSS demo from @badcatamps through one of their Cub IV amps. A Blues Rock Inspired Strat Single Coil & F-Spaced Humbucker. Power90 in the bridge, Power90 Lean in the neck // Custom Fiberboard Bobbins · Nickel Silver Covers · 43 AWG Plain Enamel Wire · Sand Cast & Custom Charged A4 & A5 Magnets · Nickel Silver Baseplates · Low Carbon Steel Screws & 10 Hole Keepers · Braided Or Cloth Hookup Wire · 49.2mm Spacing · Approx. 8.7K

"Man, these Power90s are IMPRESSIVE. Very lively and balanced."

"Power 90 pickups are clear and powerful. Very impressive, thx @gearmanndude for the tone tip"

- @roknfnrol

We're proud to announce a new single coil set at Magneto Design Lab: The Deep Blues Set. They were designed for a Bay Area Blues artist Kenny Shipman. Vulcanized Fiberboard, Alnico 3 magnets, and Formvar wire wound to 7.14k, this set screams Blues/Rock.

The A3 magnets and a specially developed wind give them some grunt (when you need that extra push over the cliff), while still retaining chime in the 2 and 4 positions! Great when paired with our Strat Wiring Harness or Treble Bleed Serial Circuit.

" "The CHARGER is a tiny monster that will tear your face off! 25-50 watts of ball busting power in a pedal sized box."

"I used my Gibson Les Paul R9 Historic, with a delicious Original Fuzz Strap, cocked rocked and loaded with Magneto Design Lab 50's style drop-in wiring harness and a set of Tru-Tone 59 PAF pickups of theirs..."

– Gearmanndude A 5881 , or 6L6 if you prefer, handwired point to point tube amplifier from Carl's Custom Amplifiers! I'm huge fan of the amps Carl builds! Nothing better than a Tweed Super 2x10 combo!

I used my Gibson R9 Les Paul Historic with Magneto Design Lab Humbuckers (TT-'59)."

- Gearmanndude

More demos from Gearmanndude, using his R9 loaded with our Tru-Tone '59 Humbuckers & Premium Les Paul Wiring Harness! RAWK!!

" A juicy high gain amplifier head, at 7 watts of ball busting power, is a choice little point to point wired, JCM 800 meets hot rodded vintage Plexi Marshall style tones, at a manageable volume. Crunch, gain,'s got it!"

- Gearmanndude

@osklindblad on Instgram demoing a set of our '62-SC Strat pickups.

"Installed, and they sound exquisite. Killed them CS 69's btw. Awesome @mdlpickups."

"Gear used: Fender Custom Shop 1960 relic and a '65 reissue Fender deluxe reverb amp with a Analogman Prince Of Tone pedal."

- Oskar Lindblad

"This week on the pick I check out a couple of AWESOME pickups from Magneto Design Lab. Check it out: All sounds from an Epiphone Les Paul Studio with Magneto Design Lab pickups into a Blackstar HT20 head with 2 x 12 cab..."

"...the Tru-Tone '59 is highly articulate with hugely wide dynamic range on tap..." "This humbucker sized P90...I am in love with the sounds that come out of this thing!"

- James Hamilton

" MDL Power90 extremely handmade pickups of doom and lust, demoed into my Carl's Custom Amps CPC-20 Blonde amp of licks and taste. I love the nickel aged covers on these pickups! Went clean, dirty, and in between, tones. Nothin' but a BulletCable white coily cable of love between the guitar and the amp."

- Gearmanndude

Some country twang featuring our '57-EJ Strat single coil pickups.

"Ghost Riders In The Sky. Written by Stan Jones This is my instrumental rendition of this classic of country western music with a modern country rock feel to it"

"...the pickups have a great response on my Strat, even my guitar tech now wants to get a set."

- Antonio Garcia

"I'm using a Red Llama for some Overdrive and the Strat is loaded with Magneto Design Lab TGT-11 Pickups. Late 60s, Vintage Hot vibe. They are killing it in this guitar at the moment."

- The Visual Guy

You can find more videos from him on his YouTube channel: The Visual Guy