The Original, Early ‘50s Inspired, Magneto Design Lab P90-Soapbar

Powerful and versatile, the Magneto Design Lab P90-Soapbar is based on our original Power90, but in a traditional soapbar size. The P90-Soapbar is designed for either the bridge or neck, wound specifically for each position. It's not hard to argue that the vintage P90 is one of the most versitle pickup designs ever. And from Blues to Jazz, Classic Rock to Underground, the Magneto Design Lab P90-Soapbar delivers.

The Sound: Big & Bold · Transparent · Articulate & Dynamic · Versatile...From Drive To Clean · Balanced In Pairs Or With Our Tru-Tone '59 Humbucker · Beautifully Responsive To Volume & Tone Adjustments · Hear Them Now

The Materials: Custom Fiberboard Bobbin · Butyrate Or Nickel Silver Covers · Plain Enamel Wire · Select Sand Cast & Custom Charged Magnets · Nickel Silver Baseplate · Low Carbon Steel Screws & 10 Hole Keeper · Braided Or Cloth Push Back Wire Available · 49.2mm Spacing · Approx. 8.2k & 8.7K · Low & Overwound Versions Available

The Construction: Soapbar-Sized · Unpotted · Carefully Aged Finish Available · RWRP Available · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC · For A Closer Look...

P90-Soapbar · Early '50s Inspired Traditional P90
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Thanks so much!.. this thing is a win. It’s full and warm, and very minimal noise or buzzing, even in places where my other single coils go crazy. Thanks for being a part of this build.
— Mike