Magneto Design Lab '50s Style Wiring Harness. Drop-In... Upgrade... Hang on!

Our mil-spec Paper In Oil tone caps with "after the pot" placement, and +500k CTS potentiometers give our Les Paul wiring beautiful and versatile tonal control not found in modern electric guitar wiring.

The Materials: USA Made, Over Spec CTS Pots · Our Premium Matched PIO Tone Caps · 18-Gauge Tinned Copper Bus Wire

The Sound: Warm · Dynamic · Highly Interactive Volume & Tone · High End Retained When Volume Is Rolled Down · Hear It Now

The Construction: Vintage Spec Pot Layout · Soldered & Ready To Install · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC · For A Closer Look...

'50s Style Les Paul Wiring Harness
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Les Paul Or SG:
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There is a definite improvement in the range and responsiveness of the volume and tone controls over the stock (modern?) wiring and components.
— Larry
The 500k wiring harness really opened up the stock pickups to a wide array of tones and volumes. They work perfectly.
Thanks again!
— Phillip
I’m very impressed with the sound. It’s like night and day difference with that guitar. It sounds so smooth and creamy. I love it.
— Cooper