The Magneto Design Lab Vintage Inspired Strat Wiring Harness.

The dished-backed CTS pots and CRL ceramic tone cap will take your Strat® controls back to the golden era of Fender® guitar tone. It comes standard wired Jimmie Vaughan/Eric Johnson style, with the middle pickup removed from the tone pot. But you can also get it Vintage, with the bridge pickup removed from the tone pot. We also offer a bridge tone bypass switch for Modern and Jimmie Vaughan style wiring. And the Magneto Design Lab’s Treble Bleed Serial Circuit is a great addition to our Vintage Strat Wiring Harness. When ordered together, it will be installed in your harness at no additional charge.

The Materials: USA Made CTS 250k Vintage Taper Pots · NOS CRL .022uF/.047uF Tone Cap · Tinned Copper Ground Bus · USA Made CRL 5-Way Switch · Waxed Cloth Push Back Wire

The Sound: Clear · Aggressive But Smooth Top End · Extra Chime In 2nd & 4th Position · High End Retained When Using Our Treble Bleed Serial Circuit · Hear It Now

The Construction: Standard Pot & Switch Layout · Soldered & Ready To Install · Alternative Tone Caps Available · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC · For A Closer Look...

Vintage Strat Wiring Harness
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I’ve never played a strat where the vol 9-10 with a fuzz is a fluid fade....normally its audible and like a jump in volume. With your wiring its smooth as it can be. You nailed it with the wiring.
— Johnny Ray