Strat Tone Caps. New Old Stock...Vintage Sound Today!

Vintage NOS Centralab Ceramic (.047uF) and Mullard Tropical Fish (.047uF) Tone Capacitors will give your single coils the vintage sound from the '60s. Mullard Tropical Fish were used in guitars (and pedals) during this period, Centralab tone caps can be found in Fender® Strats starting in 1961.

The Sound: CRL: Open & Gritty · Mullard: Smooth Highs With A Mid Push

The Construction: CRL: Ceramic Disc · Mullard: Polyester Film · Cloth Insulated Lead · Individually Hand Tested

Treble Bleed. Save Your Single Coil Highs!

Magneto Design Lab’s Treble Bleed Serial Circuit is a great addition to your Strat or any single coil equipped guitar. The careful choice of components preserves your highs and gives a smooth taper when you roll down your volume. It’s also a great addition to our Vintage Strat Wiring Harness. When ordered together, it will be installed in your harness at no additional charge.

The Sound: Retains Highs When Volume Rolled Down · Cleans Up Overdrive Or Dirty Amp Beautifully

The Construction: Ceramic Disc Capacitor · Carbon Resistor · Cloth Insulated Lead · Individually Handmade And Tested

NOS Strat Tone Caps & Treble Bleed
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Tone Caps · Treble Bleed:
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BEST treble bleed ever. It is the smoothest I could ever imagine.
— Johnny Ray