The FBH-'63, From Magneto Design Lab. Humbucker-Size... Firebird Bite!

The Magnet Design Lab FBH-’63 is full of the characteristic Firebird bite and clarity, but with a bit more fullness. The FBH-’63 comes with quick response that classic Firebird pickups are know for. And roll the tone down a bit…you’re in slide heaven! From Blues, Classic Rock, and Slide, this unique pickup can cover a wide range of playing styles. And with metal mesh or celluloid inserts, aged nickel or nickel plate covers, and a traditional humbucker size, the look of the FBH-'63 is… well… gorgeous!

The Sound: Dynamic · Bold · Articulate & Transparent · Gritty Cleans · Crunchy Drive · Balanced In Pairs, With Our TT-’59 Humbuckers, And Our Power90 · Beautifully Responsive To Volume & Tone Adjustments · Hear Them Now

The Materials: Custom Fiberboard Bobbin · Nickel Silver Covers · 42 AWG Plain Enamel Wire · Select Custom Charged Magnets · Steel Reflector · Nickel Silver Baseplate · Braided Push Back Wire · Approx. 6.7k & 7.9K

The Construction: Humbucker-Sized · Potted Or Unpotted · Mesh & Celluloid Inserts Available · Carefully Aged Finish Available · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC · For A Closer Look...

FBH-'63 · Firebird Inspired Humbucker
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