The ’52-TCS, From Magneto Design Lab. Early ’50s Inspired Tele Pickup Set

The Magnet Design Lab '52-TSC is our first in a series of Tele sets. These Broadcaster-inspired pickups, with their A3 mags, are bold, articulate, thick and spanky. The '52-TSC wind and wire spec is early '50s Fender. But their sound can take your tone from Classic, to Blues, to Pop, and modern Country. And with multiple cover, insert, and finish options, your Tele will look as sweet as it sounds!

The Sound: Twangy & Full · Bold & Articulate · Gritty Cleans · Crunchy Drive · Balanced In Sets, With Our Sweet’57 Humbucker, And Our Power90 · Hear Them Now

The Materials: Custom Fiberboard Bobbins · Nickel Silver Neck Cover · 42 (Neck) & 43 (Bridge) AWG Plain Enamel Wire · Custom Charged A3 Magnets · Waxed Cotton Push Back Wire · Approx. 7.7k & 7.9K

The Construction: Flash Potted · Mesh & Celluloid Inserts Available · RWRP Available · Carefully Aged Finish Available · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC · For A Closer Look…

'52-TSC Neck · Early '50s Telecaster Pickup
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'52-TSC Bridge · Early '50s Telecaster Pickup
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Thank you for the excellent pickup. It has rounded out my tele/strat hybrid perfectly.
— Joe
That’s a nice looking pickup.
— Troy
— Keith