The Magneto Design Lab Power90. Humbucker Size... Versatile, Powerful P90 Sound.

The Power90's exclusive Duo-Voice 180 asymmetrical design gives you a smooth & singing, or a dynamic & aggressive sound...just by turning the pickup 180°. And it's available in two specifically designed models. The original Power90 is designed for the bridge or neck position. While Power90-Lean is designed specifically for the neck position.

The Sound: Big & Bold · Clear · Articulate & Dynamic · Versatile...From Drive To Clean · Balanced In Pairs Or With Our Tru-Tone '59 Humbucker · Responds Beautifully To Volume & Tone Adjustments · Hear Them Now · See Them In Action

The Materials: Custom Fiberboard Bobbin · Nickel Silver Cover · 43 AWG Plain Enamel Wire · Select Sand Cast & Custom Charged Magnets · Nickel Silver Baseplate · Low Carbon Steel Screws & 10 Hole Keeper · Braided Or Cloth Hookup Wire Available · 49.2mm Spacing · Approx. 8.7K

The Construction: Humbucker-Sized · Duo-Voice 180 Design · Unpotted · Nickel Plate Or Carefully Aged Finish · Individually Hand Assembled & Tested In Asheville, NC · For A Closer Look...

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I also wanted to thank you for the excellent quality of your pickups!! I ordered a pair of these awhile back to wire into my friends guitar and fell in love with the sound! I had to get a pair for myself.
— Zachary
Wow! These pickups are insanely good!!
— Andrew
These pickups are killer!! Thanks again.
— Jamie
The sound is great and I’m very happy with it. It fits well in the Nik Huber, both pickup and cap for better tone. P90’s rule!!
— Marco