If you're located outside the United States you can easily purchase Magneto Design Lab products. We offer three payment options: Using a credit card at check out, using PayPal at checkout, or placing an order by filling out the from below.

All three of these options are safe and acceptable. But to ensure the fastest order processing use PayPal at checkout, or place an order by using the order form below. Using a credit card at check out is safe and perfectly acceptable as well, as we are able to accept 135 different international currencies. But payouts to us from credit card transactions differ from country to country, and can cause delays up to 30 days in fulfilling your order.

We use USPS First Class International shipping, with the default minimum price set by the USPS. This shipping price will cover most orders.

Of Note: International orders are possibly subject to duty and import taxes. These taxes are calculated and levied by the country that orders are shipped to, and collected when delivered.

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