The Magneto Design Lab Deep Blues Singles Coil Set. Rock On!

Introducing The Deep Blues Set, designed in collaboration with So Cal Blues/Rock artist Kenny Shipman.

Kenny had initially heard our ’62-SC and loved the sound. But he also heard something else, a vintage and woody character he had rarely experienced, except when playing real vintage single coils. He wanted that character found in our ’62-SCs as the foundation for a brand new pickup, but with more punch and output to match his playing style and amps.

Our work with Kenny,* using his talent and playing experience, has resulted in a throaty, dynamic, and high output single coil that hits an amp (or pedal) hard. Vulcanized Fiberboard, Alnico 3 magnets, and Formvar wire wound to 7.14k, this set screams Blues/Rock. The A3 magnets, and a specially developed wind, give them articulation with dynamic mids, while still retaining chime in the 2 and 4 positions! Great when paired with one of our Strat Wiring Harness or Treble Bleed Serial Circuit. Or expand your tonal palette even more and mix them with a P90-SC, TGT-ll, or TT-’59 in an HSS set.

The Sound: Loud... Really Loud · Throaty · Vocal & Dynamic · Drive That Hits Your Amp Hard · Chime, When You're Feeling A Little Sensitive · Balanced In All Positions · Hear Them Now

The Materials: Vulcanized Fiberboard Flatwork · 42 AWG Heavy Formvar Wire · Vintage Stagger A3 Magnets · Waxed Cotton Push Back Wire · Approx. 7.14K · Nickel Baseplate Available

The Construction: Lacquer-Dipped & Hand Wound Bobbins · RWRP Middle Pickup · Careful Aging Available · Flash Potted · Custom Wind Direction & Magnet Polarity Available · Vintage "Compensated" Stagger Available · Individually Handmade & Tested In Asheville, NC

*Hear more of Kenny Shipman's music and read the latest news at and @kennyshipman on Instagram. Check out his latest on Apple Music.

Deep Blues · Blues Rock Inspired Single Coil
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Deep Blues Single Coils/SWEET'57 Humbucker HSS Demo · Buddy Blues. A Blues Rock Inspired Strat Single Coil & F-Spaced Humbucker From

Who wound my pickups? Give them a raise - double their pay. Favorite single coil? Deep Blues.
— Buddy